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My Art

To anyone vaguely acquainted with my lifestyle and my involvement with growing things the images that I commit to “canvas” may come as a surprise. There is little on the walls of this gallery that speaks overtly of the kind of interests that I express through Organicnz’s pages.

I have been a visually inclined person from birth and have created images most of my life. When I began painting seriously in my late teens my works were of recognizable objects, though often in unusual contexts. They had perhaps a dreamtime quality. My various exhibitions then, consisted of those sorts of surreal images.

The period of early marriage, designing and building our house, the birth and upbringing of our children left me with little headspace, although I still drew and created cartoons. The 18 year lapse from painting, punctuated only with some sculpting and drawing became almost a bad habit. I had to put deliberation, will into breaking this, to veer back towards my easel.

Never-the-less something had evolved during that long artistic dearth. I recognized one day, a fact about geometry, of all things. I had taken geometry as a discipline totally for granted and employed it where necessary, but it struck me for the first time that geometry is not a thing invented but rather a “place” discovered. If humans were to disappear from the face of the earth, geometry would await rediscovery. Await? But where? It was not solely in the human mind!

I perceived in this realm of pure forms; perfect circles, squares and triangles, a metaphor for all else that is hidden and can yet become manifest. It seemed so analogous to the un-manifest potential that can become apparent with the germinating of a seed.

Parallel to these considerations were my observations that composers of music could represent music by way of notation.

If each musical note was represented by the successive placement of small black ellipses between a series of parallel lines, how come the result could be so beautiful? Here was emotion springing from the unemotive. Flowers from gametes.

The music was beautiful. So to, for me, was the notation.

Music? Geometry! Nothing exemplified geometry more, than a perfect equilateral triangle. I decided to make a discipline out of the experimental placement of such triangles. Size, colour, proximity. Within these basic confines I would explore. I have found the region a vast one.


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